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The Association of Rochester Police and Area Law Enforcement Retirees, Inc., “ARPALER”, is a benevolent and social organization for retired Law Enforcement Officers in the greater Rochester, N.Y. area. The members of ARPALER served in area law enforcement agencies for 20(+) years. During their diverse careers, they responded to thousands of calls for service from citizens and attended hundreds of hours of police training. They witnessed history from the front row as they provided traffic control, police protection, investigative skills, technical skills and other police services to the community.
Our retired members range in age from 40-100. While some members served in small police departments employing 5-10 police officers, other officers hail from larger departments boasting several hundred law enforcement officers.

Our members served in federal, state, county and local law enforcement agencies, all represented on the ARPALER badge:

FEDERAL AGENCIES are represented by the EAGLE
NY STATE AGENCIES are represented by the BLUE STATE SEAL
COUNTY AGENCIES are represented by the GOLD STAR
LOCAL AGENCIES are represented by the SILVER SHIELD behind the star.

The GOLD and SILVER colors in the ARPALER badge also symbolize the color of the badge worn by officers of different ranks while on the job.

Law enforcement officers experience many personal changes when they retire from the job, but the training, knowledge, experience and pride that developed throughout their careers will be with them forever.

Thank you for visiting our website.

Joseph C. Cimino
President – ARPALER
Rochester Police Department – Retired