Arpaler Membership

ATTENTION: Retired Law Enforcement Officers

Stay informed and stay in touch with friends and former colleagues. Don’t lose track of all those friends and contacts you made during your 20(+) years in law enforcement. Learn about the latest laws that impact you, not only as a retired law enforcement officer, but as a citizen.

Active Law enforcement officers who HOPE to retire someday are also welcome to join ARPALER. See below for membership requirements.

Membership entitles you to:

  1. A quarterly newsletter with important and interesting information which impacts you as a retired or active law enforcement officer. Some of the articles will be additional information to articles found on this website.
  2. A free lunch at the monthly meetings.
  3. Annual picnic

Membership requirements:

  1. ACTIVE MEMBER – former SWORN members or CIVILIAN member of any official “Law Enforcement” agency, within the State of New York, who have been retired from active duty and who have their name on their former department’s pension list.
  2. ASSOCIATE MEMBER – Any SWORN “active duty law enforcement officer” or active duty CIVILIAN member of an official “law enforcement” agency working within the State of New York; Any former SWORN “Law enforcement” personnel or CIVILIAN in good standing of any official “law enforcement” agency, who worked within the State of New York and who shall have resigned from their former department under HONORABLE CONDITIONS.

If you are interested in becoming a member:

  1. Click here for an ARPALER application that you can print & mail to ARPALER, OR
  2. Write down your name, address, telephone number, e-mail address on a piece of paper and send it along with a check for $25 (for your yearly dues) to: ARPALER, 1425 Lexington Ave., Rochester, NY 14606.

Automatic Dues Deduction
Don’t lose out on valuable benefits because you forgot to pay your dues! Click here for the Automatic Dues Deduction Form.  Print out the form and mail it to the ARPALER office today!

Certificate of Beneficiary Form
Click here for the Certificate of Beneficiary Form.
Print out the form and mail the completed form to Richard Fantanza